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Shashank Gangadhara

198 Bennington Hills Ct, Rochester, NY 14586 | Phone: (585)434-8813 | Email:

Master of Science | Expected May 2017 | Rochester institute of technology

Major: Computer Science

Bachelor of Engineering | 2014 | The Oxford College Of Engineering, Bangalore

Major: Computer Science

Work Experience
Accenture| Oct14 – June’15 | Associate Software Engineer

  • Worked as a Backend Software developer with a team of 12 people during my period at Accenture.

  • Worked in Java on an application that was being developed to train new joining employees for a certain US mobile phone career

  • Also worked on the Python for a couple of months on an application used by the customer support.

    Mobisir Technologies Pvt Ltd, Bangalore| Jan’14– May14 | Android Developer Intern

  • Worked for a period of 6 months and developed an application for an International Airport as required by the Airport Authority.

  • The app provides all the details of the airport including the arrivals and departures of the airplanes and their timings.

  • Additional information like the weather conditions, taxi information and information about hotels nearby the airport for stay are


  • The app also uses iBeacons and a shortest path algorithm to provide walking directions to the commuters inside the airport.

    Skills and Areas of expertise
    Problem solving, Algorithms, Data Structures, Data Analysis and Machine Learning.

    Programming Languages

    Java, Python, JavaScript, SQL, R, HTML and CSS. Basic knowledge of Swift, C and C++


    Eclipse IDE, Sublime Text, Android Studio, Xcode, PyCharm, RStudio.

    Operating systems

    Mac OS X, Gnu/Linux based operating systems and Microsoft Windows


    Intelligent Image Recognizer and Translator

    This is an application that can take an image and recognize the object in the image. The recognized object can be displayed in any language and can also be translated to any other language. This is a excellent way to learn new languages just by taking pictures of objects.

    This application won for the “Best App Idea” at BrickHack 2

    Digital Color Meter IOS Application

    This is an application that gives the Hex Code of any color of the picture in the gallery. This is a useful tool for web designers, fashion designers, artists, and photographers to match their favorite color from the real world. The app also sends the color to the apple watch and displays the color on the watch which can be used to match with real world objects.

    Cross Platform Infinite Runner Game

    An Infinite Runner Game for all Platforms. The Character in the game runs indefinitely from left to right and the Player has the control of the jump function of the character. The Player has to make the character run only on the solid ground and see to that he doesn't fall. The player can also collect coins on the way. The score is calculated based on the distance ran by the character without falling.

    Intelligent Music Recommender

    This software uses both supervised and unsupervised learning methods to cluster similar songs together and recommend songs to the user at anytime the user wants to listen to music based on his/her everyday activities.

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