Hack Upstate IX – Build. Break. Collaborate.

  • April 8 - April 9 2017
  • The Technology Garden - 235 Harrison St, Syracuse, NY 13202
  • 110 Attending


Free Food. Campus Events

GetGrub is an app that helps you find events involving free food near you.

Save yourself the trouble of having to go through your campus news feeds and other sources to find free food.

GetGrub aggregates all the data for your convenience.

Here's new things (Ahmad) I have tried in building this app:

Using MaterializeCSS as my CSS framework instead of Bootstrap.

Use of AJAX with jQuery DataTables.

Avoiding ES6 as much as possible on the Client side as a challenge to myself.

Features I was able to get implemented in time:

Deployment of the application on Heroku. getgrub.herokuapp.com

Connection to a Mongo cluster hosted on Mlab.

Configuration of a router for the application using Express.js

Creation of a Bitbucket of repository for the application.

Encryption of passwords using a Salt + Hashing algorithm.

Ability to login, and register

Ability to submit events related to free food on the app.


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