Hack Upstate IX – Build. Break. Collaborate.

  • April 8 - April 9 2017
  • The Technology Garden - 235 Harrison St, Syracuse, NY 13202
  • 110 Attending

Hack Upstate IX is the ninth installment in a series of weekend hackathons that happen twice a year (i.e. Fall & Spring) where developers, innovators and designers from Upstate New York come to Syracuse, NY, share ideas, form teams and build incredible products.

  • 11am: Doors open
  • 12pm: Idea pitching and team formation
  • 12:30pm: Commence hacking

    • 11:59am: Cease hacking
    • 12pm: Demo intro / welcome judges
    • 12:30pm: Demos, pitches and presentations
    • 1:30pm: Awards ceremony
    • Open hackathon - i.e., teams can build whatever they want using whatever tools they want.
    • No code can be written before April 8th 12:30pm

    Creativity / Novelty (20%)

    We celebrate ingenuity and creativity! Have an idea for a project that sounds crazy to tackle (especially in a 24 hour period)? Perfect.

    Wow Factor (20%)

    Subjective and buzz-wordy, huh? That's what makes it fun :) We know you have something up your sleeve that's going to knock our socks off!

    Execution (20%)

    To what extent did your team successfully execute upon your project concept over the course of 24 hours?

    Informative Demo (20%)

    Your team will have ~5 minutes to demo your product, and cogently and concisely tell us about the problems you encountered, the solutions you introduced, the APIs you leveraged and the lessons you learned.

    Multidisciplinary project (20%)

    We encourage and applaud interdisciplinary projects fueled by eclectic teams with diverse backgrounds.