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Uke tabs for beginners

Learning Ukulele can be hard. Finger exercises and traditional songs can be cumbersome and boring, and learning by playing songs you're familiar with can make the experience a lot more enjoyable.

Luckily there are a collection of websites hosting musical notation known as "Chord Tabs". This format dates back to the days of Usenet, when users would trade text files back and forth for their favorite songs. At the time, this was cutting edge technology. Unfortunately for a new player who hasn't memorized the chord fingerings, these documents can be difficult to follow and not very pleasant to read.

Strumdog aims to leverage the bevy of existing chord tabs to make the new player experience a lot more enjoyable. Users can take existing chord tabs, paste them as text into the system, and see the lyrics for their favorite song with chord fingering diagrams inline above the words. This allows a player to follow along with a new song without having to constantly reference a chord chart to find the proper fingering. Strumdog also aims to enhance the experience in other ways, such as auto scrolling the document so a player can play along in real time.


  • https://github.com/myrridin/uke-api
  • https://github.com/paulmelnikow/uke-frontend¬†
  • https://github.com/paulmelnikow/react-chord-parser (we forked)

Future Expasion:

We have a number of ideas for future expansion, and plan to continue working on this project after the demo. These ideas include:

* Ability to share generated tabs

* Ability to edit submitted tabs

* Support for other instruments (guitar, mandolin, banjo, etc.)

* A built in tuner