Hack Upstate X – Build. Break. Collaborate.

  • October 7 - October 8 2017
  • 235 Harrison St, Syracuse, NY 13202
  • 28 Attending


Spell Training Augmented Reality

Simple augmented reality game that allows you to cast spells at your friends. We use a face tracker to identify your friend's face. Once locked on, cast your spell and watch it fly at your friend!


CLMTrackr - https://github.com/auduno/clmtrackr

MediaSources - https://github.com/samdutton/simpl/tree/gh-pages/getusermedia/sources

PatternLock.js - https://github.com/phenax/pattern-lock-js


All sounds were recorded on site =D

HTML, CSS, Javascript, NodeJs, Socket.io, Express

Heroku - warar.herokuapp.com

Github - https://github.com/nfeuer/WAR open source =)

Problems we faced:

Setting the back camera as the default camera

Getting the face tracker overlay to work with the custom camera setup

Getting animations to work together and creating our own

FPS could be better (its an improvement from before though!)


Team Members