Hack Upstate VII – Unite, facilitate and collaborate

  • April 9 - April 10 2016
  • Syracuse, NY
  • 143 Attending


Encouraging safe driving habits with sensing/control and social feedback.

During Hackupstate VII, we advanced the concept and architecture currently submitted to the Samsung Makers Against Drought challenge (aka the MADChallenge) (see http://devpost.com/software/ripples). We added a use case to the original water conservation use case during HU VII.

The new use case involved tracking and reporting vehicle dynamics to people interested in the "vigor" with which their car is being driven. The implementation involved sensing abrupt changes to steering and acceleration with possible reporting of these events to "interested" parties, such as parents, etc.

The custom concurrent server framework that was used in the MADChallenge (written in Go and connected to NATS messaging and RethinkDB) was leveraged to serve this new use case. The mobile app was written with the Ionic hybrid mobile application framework. The vehicle dynamic sensing architecture was modeled with a Particle Photon with potentiometers representing steering and braking. These vehicle dynamics will be fed into the server to be selectively pushed to the Ionic applications. 


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